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EUROSATORY 2024 – Discover the importance of RXR PROTECT anti-trauma solutions!

RXR Protect is pleased to announce its presence at the Eurosatory show in Paris from June 17 to 21, 2024. We invite you to come and discover our innovative anti-trauma plates. Join us on our stand to find out more about our latest advances in safety and protection.

Why are RXR PROTECT anti-trauma solutions so important?

Beyond the fact that they can be worn under a soft pack and reduce the risk of rear effects by over 50%, it’s a matter of life and death. After an impact, the ability to fight back or move is crucial to survival.

We’d just like to clarify one point of difference between the terms “NIJ IV ICW” and “NIJ IV standalone”, which refer to two types of Level 4 ballistic protection plates, each with specific characteristics and uses. Here are the differences between these two types of plates:

NIJ IV ICW (In Conjunction With)

  1. Need for an Additional Layer: This means that the plate alone does not provide level 4 protection; it must be combined with a basic vest to achieve this level of protection.
  2. Flexibility and adaptability: often lighter than standalone plates at the same level.
  3. Cost and weight: ICW plates are often less expensive and lighter.

NIJ IV Standalone

  1. Full protection: NIJ IV standalone plates are designed to provide level 4 protection on their own. They can stop the most powerful projectiles, including armour-piercing bullets, without additional support.
  2. Simplicity and reliability: Standalone plates offer a simple, straightforward protection solution.
  3. Weight and comfort: Standalone plates are generally heavier and more rigid than ICW plates.

To sum up

  • NIJ IV ICW : Our RXR Protect inflatable anti-trauma solutions can eliminate the need for level IIIA body armor to achieve level 4 protection. They offer a lighter, more adaptable and less expensive solution.
  • NIJ IV Standalone : Our RXR Protect solutions provide Level 4 protection without the need for an additional vest. They offer a simple, reliable solution, especially for impacts with very high-speed bullets.

The choice between these two types of plate depends on the specific needs of the user, the nature of the expected threats and the conditions of use. Whatever the case, our solutions improve the conditions of use and the safety of combatants. For an optimum safety/price ratio, our anti-trauma solutions should be more widely available.

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