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How to choose motorcycle and bicycle protection?

CE standards 1621-2, 1621-3 and 1621-4 are essential European specifications for the protection of motorcyclists. Each of these standards applies to different types of protection, and establishes specific performance criteria to ensure you choose the right protection.

CE 1621-2 standard : Back protection

The CE 1621-2 standard applies to back protectors for motorcyclists. It sets out requirements for the performance of back protectors in absorbing energy in the event of impact. This standard assesses the ability of back protection to reduce the force transmitted to the spinal column. There are two levels of protection: Level 1 and Level 2, the latter offering better shock absorption. Tests include impacts with a falling mass, simulating different collision scenarios.

CE 1621-3 standard : Thoracic protection

The CE 1621-3 standard applies to chest protectors for motorcyclists. It defines the performance criteria for chest protectors in terms of impact absorption and coverage. This standard assesses the ability of protections to reduce the force of impact on the thoracic cage. As with the 1621-2 standard, there are different levels of protection, ensuring different degrees of safety. The protectors are subjected to impact tests to verify their effectiveness at different force levels.

CE 1621-4 standard: Inflatable Trigger Devices

The CE 1621-4 standard refers to inflatable protective devices. This relatively recent standard is designed to regulate systems that inflate automatically in the event of a collision. It assesses the airbag’s effectiveness in protecting different parts of the body. Airbags are subjected to specially adapted tests to guarantee their effectiveness at different levels of force, with different anvils from the two previous standards, and a less demanding test framework, especially against mechanical shocks.

Summary of CE 1621 standards

In summary, although CE standards 1621-2, 1621-3 and 1621-4 all concern motorcyclist safety, they apply to specific types of protection with distinct criteria and test methods. Standard 1621-2 focuses on back protection, standard 1621-3 on chest protection, and standard 1621-4 on inflatable trigger protection systems. It’s crucial for motorcyclists to understand these differences in order to choose the most appropriate protective equipment for their needs and riding style.

How to choose your RXR Protect?

Choosing RXR Protect protection means taking several criteria into account to ensure that it offers the right level of safety and comfort for your specific needs. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice:

ype of Activity

RXR Protect protectors are designed for a wide range of activities, including motocross, enduro, mountain biking, BMX, skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding and other extreme sports. It’s important to choose the right protection for your discipline.

Coverage area

The coverage zone is a choice that defines whether the protection can be worn under or over your clothes. An important criterion to consider is the length of the back protector, as a longer protector can make it impossible to tuck a jersey into your pants.


RXR Protect protectors are available in several sizes. Consult the size guide to choose the one that’s right for you.


All protectors feature adjustable straps, buckles and elastics for a customized fit.

Air Shock Absorber (ASA) technology

RXR Protect uses Air Shock Absorber (ASA) technology, which uses air chambers to absorb impact, offering lightweight, effective protection.

Resistant materials

Look for protectors made from strong, durable materials, such as polycarbonate or other impact-resistant polymers.

User feedback and opinions

Read other users’ opinions and feedback to get an idea of the performance and comfort of RXR Protect protectors.


Finally, consider your budget. RXR Protect covers vary in price according to features and level of protection offered. Make sure you choose protection that offers good value for money without compromising safety.


Choosing the right RXR Protect requires an assessment of your needs, technical specifications, comfort and budget. By following these tips, you can find protection that offers both safety and comfort, so you can enjoy your sporting activities to the full.

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