1ER Au monde à utiliser de l'air dans une protection !

Comparison of Protection Solutions!

At RXR Protect, the safety of motorcyclists, as well as risk sports enthusiasts in general, is an absolute priority. But what exactly are we talking about? A mathematical equation to solve, because yes, safety is above all a mathematical problem. Here’s a more detailed comparison of protection solutions.

To illustrate our point, we’ve put together a simple but revealing comparison of Protection Solutions. We tested our R2O back protector, a blend of non-Newtonian foam and our Air Shock Absorber technology, against the market-leading back protector used in almost every brand of body protection available today, including AIR BAG triggered. Without this protection, these systems wouldn’t pass crash tests – that’s a fact!

The results of the comparison of protection solutions are clear: our solution improves performance by a factor of 2 and reduces deceleration by a factor of 3, an essential criterion for minimizing injury.

Here’s another example of how our simple, pragmatic technology can significantly improve safety. You can improve all your products that use protective foam by integrating our R2O pad. What’s more, if you’re an equipment brand offering a range of protectors, we market our R2O pad as an OEM.

RXR Protect – Innovation for enhanced safety

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