1ER Au monde à utiliser de l'air dans une protection !

AIRBACK Multisport back protection

Did you know that this AIRBAG back protector has an incredible level of performance?

In addition to complying with the CE 1621-2 / Level 2 standard, tests in our LAB show maximum absorption performance!

What’s more, it’s impossible to have any doubts about the trigger, because it’s already inflated and always ready!

But also multi-activity: who can do more than a little?

And the icing on the cake, it’s made entirely in Normandy, of course requires no subscription, and guess what it costs?

—— 119€ —- delivered to your door! Who said made in France was expensive!

Our back protector is easy to use and suitable for all levels of sport. Put it on quickly and get on with your activity.

But there’s more to our backpacks than protection. It’s also a true reflection of your personal style. Customize it to your taste from a wide range of vibrant colors. Display your passion with pride and stand out on the slopes and trails.

We’ve also thought of your specific needs by adding some ingenious extra options. The removable front section instantly transforms the back protector into a complete front and rear protector, offering total peace of mind. Special shoulder straps ensure a perfect fit and exceptional comfort for uncompromising performance. And with our Predator kit, your shoulders are protected from the most intense impacts, allowing you to surpass yourself in complete safety.

Don’t leave your protection to chance. Choose the benchmark multisport back protector, made in France, for unrivalled safety and an outstanding sporting experience. With our back protector, you’re ready to face any challenge with confidence and push back your limits.

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