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The LAB – From quality control to innovation at RXR Protect!

RXR Protect has an in-house laboratory at its Normandy plant

What is RXR LAB?

In the world of security, RXR Protect stands out for its commitment to excellence at every stage of production. At the heart of this ongoing quest for quality is the “RXR LAB” laboratory, recently integrated into the plant.

This control stage plays a crucial role in ensuring that our products meet our quality criteria…

Leo, with 8 years’ experience at RXR, is proud to tell us about his workspace.

“It’s not just a laboratory, but a direct extension of the factory itself. Test results are immediately relayed to the manufacturing teams, ensuring instant responsiveness to any necessary improvements or adjustments.”

Inside the LAB, state-of-the-art equipment is deployed to guarantee accurate and reliable results. Test benches measure impact resistance, while specially designed tanks simulate extreme conditions. All this data is sent, measured and analyzed live on the computer.

“Every part of our products, is carefully selected to ensure a complete evaluation of the durability and performance of the products we ship.”

Why did you create the LABO?

The answer lies in our unwavering commitment to improving safety, performance, service life and innovation.

Controlling the quality of our products is not confined to our walls. The LABO also plays a crucial role in supervising our suppliers.

A concrete example is the control of the components inside the foams used in our protective vests. This ensures consistent quality over time.

By rigorously evaluating incoming materials, we are committed to consistency and follow-up over the years, ensuring that the quality of our products does not deteriorate.

“This happened with the material for our 3.0 valves. Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we were able to quickly obtain TPU samples, test them, approve them and integrate them into production in record time.”

By constantly testing new ideas and rapidly integrating improvements, we stay ahead of market trends. Our ability to evolve rapidly enables us to meet the changing needs of sportsmen and women and exceed safety expectations.

What does the future hold for LAB RXR?

The Laboratory is an essential element in the company’s future. In the years to come, our commitment to constantly improving the quality of our products will remain at the heart of LABO’s mission. Rigorous testing will evolve, incorporating new methodologies and technologies to ensure that every RXR Protect device pushes the boundaries of safety.

“At the moment, we’re working on a backplate 3.0 project specifically designed for motorcyclists. Development is taking a more agile approach, with continuous testing carried out in our laboratory to ensure rapid and efficient progress.”

At RXR Protect, the LABO is much more than a laboratory; it’s the driving force behind innovation, ready to shape the future of safety for our athletes.

“However, there’s no such thing as zero defects, and it’s not impossible for your product to be faulty during the first few months of use. In this case, our after-sales service will take care of your problem.

After-sales service now accounts for around 0.2% of our returns, a very low percentage.

Today, thanks to our high-performance, hard-wearing products, around a hundred professional riders put their trust in us and use our products all year round (AMA Supercross, Red Bull Rampage).

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