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RXR Protect

"Safety in high-risk sports is always at the heart of the debate! Even though most riders may not yet realize it, I am convinced that the sustainability of these sports will be possible only through the drastic reduction of accidents and their consequences.

To accomplish this, rider protection must be drastically improved by careful design, not guided by markets, marketing, or fashion. We believe to do this we must make an objective analysis of the problem and the expectations of riders (or the parents of young riders)

This is how our work is constantly evolving: every day we collect feedback from our professional athletes and amateur customers in order to improve our products to make them more efficientpractical and comfortableNot only do we simulate everything today in our laboratory or with 3D computer simulation, we also perform rigorous real-life field testing on the track.

For example, for nearly 10 years now, we have attached particular importance to the follow-up of our professionals, by keeping accident statistics. The return is more than impressive: none of our riders suffered a serious injury! This is the reward of our work and ethics

It does not take long for our field observations and/or feedback from our customers to be taken into account and adapted to our products: my office is in our workshop!


            …if you too, you think that safety is actually a condition of performance

            …if you too, you reason protection above all

            …if you too like to know who designed the equipment that protects you, or that protects your loved ones

            …if you too, you are sensitive to Made in France

Ride, ski, surf ... RXR Protect

David Schuller

Our mission "To offer the best protection without compromising athletic performance."

Inflate ! A simple but innovative idea

In the early 2000s, David Schuller, already an entrepreneur and former competitor in motocross, reflected on the ideal protection vest for the practice of his sport. He himself has been wounded several times and is surprised by the little effort made by manufacturers to go beyond minimum standards of protection. It would seem these top manufacturers have become powerless to deal with the increasing frequency and severity of injuries. Himself a young father, he does would NEVER allow his son Leo to ride with a little foam and 2 plastic plates as protection! 

His solution: absorb shock with an air cushion.

After several hundred hours decrypting standards, analyzing medical studies, meeting sportsmen and health professionals (Surgeons, kinesiologists, prosthologists...), and building prototypes in his garage: David developed the Patent ASA Technology in 2008.

The challenge: protect riders without hindering their movements

The practices of motorcycling, horse riding, cycling (mountain biking), skiing, snowboarding, etc. are not without risk. Falls and shocks in these disciplines result in lesions and trauma that are sometimes severe in the vertebrae and thorax. Numerous statistical studies have shown that their severity depends on two main factors :
- The physical condition of the wounded participant
- The level of protection provided by the equipment

Even worse is the total absence of protection is fairly common in many of these sports, even the majority. For example, the rate of wearing a back protector is close to 0 in road bikers, while nearly 40% of spinal cord injuries result from a traffic accident. Also note that a third of the spinal cord lesions are due to a fall, usually during a leisure activity.

For many of these accidents (2/3 of the cases), the wearing of personal protective equipment could have significantly reduced the severity of the long-term, permanent dammage.

But these personal protective garments are often labeled as uncomfortable and stiff.

It was therefore necessary to develop and manufacture protective gear that would not hinder free movement during practice of sports activities.

Air Shock Absorber : Our patented technology *

Our compartmented air cushion offers the best shock absorption on the market! Up to 5 times more protective than standard chest protectors.

Always inflated (unlike an air-bag), it dissipates and absorbs the energy produced from violent shocks by dispersing it throughout a system of small internal air pockets.

* 4966 Newton not absorbed on average of tests against 18,000 Newton for standard (EN 1621- 2 Level 1), And up to only 4157 Newton on the spine, 4.33 times better than the standard.

To go even further than the standards, we chose to test our products on a real crash test dummy equipped with sensors. Result: RXR not only protects far better than standard protectors, but also better than conventional products (foam and plastic).

The absorption of the horizontal rear shocks is thus twice better: 100 g versus 200 g. And the transmission of frontal shocks to the lumbar vertebrae is almost 40% better: 282 kg versus 388 kg.

Proven design for performance

10 years after we released our first chest protector, our design continues to evolve towards a single objective: the best permanent solution regarding protection for outdoor sportsmen. Efficiency and ergonomics are our priorities, without forgetting an aesthetic adapted to each discipline. In an effort to add a style element for our riders we introduced our customizable decal kit. To design useful protection in tune with your needs, we spend a lot of time observing and questioning athletes from amateurs to professionals.

Already 50000 body protectors sold !

At the beginning of 2009, RXR PROTECT began with the sale of the first vest dedicated to motocross!

Since then, ten models for motocross, horse riding, mountain biking, and skiing have been designed, tested and assembled in our workshop in Normandy. Making us the first manufacturer of protective vests for "extreme" sports Made in France. Sportsmen from all over the world use our vests: USA, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Australia, Japan, Russia and Brazil.

Today, RXR PROTECT offers a range of protective products for professionals and amateurs alike. We work every day to improve this range in order to offer each sportsman the most effective safety in the best comfort for his sport.

Many improvements and innovations have been developed:

-       2015: development of the Easy Air Pressure system to inflate the vest to the right pressure without a pressure-gauge.

-       2016: creation of the "Bullet" model, incorporating the ASA system with a soft plastic / EVA foam mix.

-       2017: invention of the first shoulder orthosis, baptized "Bumper".

It is this combination of protection / comfort that pleases our team of "Pro-riders", the true ambassadors of our brand.  Every time they compete while wearing RXR gear they prove that amazing protection does not prevent amazing performance.

But why not an Air-bag ?

With excellent protection once inflated, it is likely that the individual air-bag will eventually be developed for sporting use. This is great news for the safety of all!

However, to date, these systems have to be combined with traditional protection to achieve normative levels, which in the end make them relatively uncomfortable on a daily basis (weight, rigidity).

Moreover, whatever the trigger system to be used (electronic=faster or wire=slower), there is always uncertainty about its triggering in the event of an accident. In addition, the air bag must be reconditioned by a pro after deployment. Totally unsuitable for motocross or skiing, sports in which falls are frequent.

Finally, the price of an airbag cannot be compared to that of  passive personal protective equipment: it is 5 to 10 times more expensive.