Air Shock Absorber : Our patented technology

Our compartmented air cushion offers the best shock absorption on the market! Up to 5 times more protective than standard chest protectors. Always inflated (unlike an air-bag), it dissipates(1) and absorbs(2) the energy produced from violent shocks by dispersing it throughout a system of small internal air pockets.

we chose to test our products on a real crash test dummy equipped with sensors. Result: RXR not only protects far better than standard protectors, but also better than conventional products (foam and plastic).

Inflate ! A simple but innovative idea

In the early 2000s, RXR Protect, reflected on the ideal protection vest for the practice of his sport.

Our objective is to go beyond minimum standards of protection.

Our solution : absorb shock with an air cushion. After several hundred hours decrypting standards, analyzing medical studies, meeting sportsmen and health professionals (Surgeons, kinesiologists, prosthologists...), and building prototypes, we created in 2008 the Patented Air SHock Absorber Technology

The challenge: protect riders

For example, the rate of wearing a back protector is close to 0 in road bikers, while nearly 40% of spinal cord injuries result from a traffic accident. Also note that a third of the spinal cord lesions are due to a fall, usually during a leisure activity. For many of these accidents (2/3 of the cases), the wearing of personal protective equipment could have significantly reduced the severity of the long-term, permanent dammage. 

But these personal protective garments are often labeled as uncomfortable and stiff. 

It was therefore necessary to develop and manufacture protective gear that would not hinder free movement during practice of sports activities.