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RX-01 is an anti-trauma solution using ASA 3.0 technology to absorb the maximum shock wave created during a ballistic impact

Paga in 2x, 3x o 4x senza commissioni


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Servizio clienti "direct 2 rider"


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|||  Product presentation

||| RX-01

RX-01 is a multi-compartment air cushion using ASA 3.0 Technology, which allows in case of ballistic impact a deformation and absorption of the shock wave behind the ballistic protection. The air in the RX-01 will then be compressed, allowing the air cushion to harden in order to fight against Behind Armor Blunt Trauma (BABT).


- It can be used behind a soft or hard vest, agility in use.

- The cushions are to be changed every 24 months or after a ballistic impact

- Use between - 20°C and + 70°C

- Weight: Front 290g / Rear 290g

- Dimensions : Width = 28cm Height = 23 cm

- Simple and practical adjustment

- Limits shocks and injuries in vehicles for example, fights against slow shocks etc...

- Our technology is patented number 20760877.9 - 1001 / 4031780

||| RX-01 thickness with ballistic vest

Measurement in profile view, total body thickness with and without our RX-01 on a 1m80 / 80kg mannequin :

- Measurement without our RX-01 solution, thickness of 33cm

- Measurement with our RX-01 solution, 34cm thickness

Result + 1 cm of total thickness with our RX-01

Circumference measurement of the total circumference of the bust with and without our RX-01 on a mannequin of 1m80 / 80kg :

- Measurement without our RX-01 solution, increase in circumference of 8 cm

- Measurement with our RX-01 solution, increase in circumference of 10 cm

Result + 2 cm of total circumference with our RX-01

||| Technology used


Our latest technological evolution, optimal protection.

The re-localization of the entire manufacturing of our ASA systems (Air Shock Absorber 2.0 and 3.0) gives rise to a new mode of production, and opens another dimension for our technology.

ASA 3.0 is a desire to make our technology as powerful as possible, as adaptable as possible, and as easy to use as possible!

We want our air cushion to be used like foam, but with a much higher level of performance!

The ASA 3.0 is sold always inflated! This is our revolution!

This version features a completely sealed, factory-pressurized airbag, improving its safety level and durability. Our ASA 3.0 airbags come with a 24 month "high security" warranty.

After 24 months you can order your "ASA 3.0 SET" at a price of 59€, delivered to your home, in order to recondition your product and keep 100% performance.

You want to know more ?

||| Direct contact with our R&D department

You are interested in our RX-01 solution against Behind Armor Blunt Trauma ?

You have a particular request or a tender?

Our solution is adaptable to several forms and applications, we can accompany you in your development of solutions but also answer all your questions and needs.

To do so, please contact us at the following address :

||| Main advantages in use

The protection of the combatant in operation is an imperative to ensure the success of the mission. This innovative "backing" solution reduces the anatomical and physiological damage caused by Behind Armor Blunt Trauma (BABT). In addition to the imperative need to stop the projectile, the protective vest allows for maximum absorption of the impact energy.

This allows for better protection of combatants in operational situations, but also, for the same level of protection, to reduce the weight of ballistic protection. Indeed, modern fibers are very effective in stopping a projectile, but their limitation lies in the deformation required at the rear of the protection, which is responsible for Behind Armor Blunt Trauma. Thus, a certain thickness of fiber only serves to limit this rear deformation. By reducing the effects of this deformation, it is now possible to limit the quantity of fibers (by limiting the quantity necessary to stop the projectile) and therefore to reduce the weight of the protections (main weak point of ballistic protections).

||| History

Thanks to the Mission for the development of the participative innovation (MIP) supporting the innovative projects for the French army, the company RXR Protect and the Chief Doctor Nicolas, also researcher in war traumatology in the IRBA (Institute of biomedical research of the armies), were able to start a study on the problem of the Behind Armor Blunt Trauma, problem that has become very important with the use of the flexible and rigid bullet-proof vests.

During the impact of the projectile, the vest deforms towards the back, transmitting an important energy wave. This phenomenon can cause very serious internal trauma (burst organs, hemorrhaging, etc.) and generally leads to loss of consciousness, which significantly reduces the chances of survival in a hostile environment.

In order to minimize this after-effect, a material is placed under the ballistic protection (between it and the wearer's body) to diffuse and absorb all or part of the impact energy.

||| The different phases of development

In 2016, RXR began this project articulated in 4 Phases subject to validation:

The 1st phase, was to validate the contribution of RXR ASA systems (inflatable part) already used in the extreme sports protective vests designed by RXR and on whether our technology would sufficiently absorb the impact of shots at 430 m/s and 840 m/s.

For the second phase, the specifications evolved: the thickness, pressure and resistance had to be optimized to fit under a bulletproof vest and meet the needs of the fighter (comfort, practicality, strength, reliability...).

For this, we worked on an air cushion covered with a semi-rigid outer shell. After having developed the molds and launched a first series, we needed the validation by fire. Back at LABOCA (LABORATORY OF THE ARMY COMMISSARIAT) for tests.

After more than 200 shots we were ready for the validation thanks to the high speed images. This 3rd phase mobilized 4 people, a rigorous installation of the imagery and an analyst able to dissect the tests and analyze them in comparative method on the existing products referent.


- More performance thanks to the RX-01 protection system!

- Mathematics is rarely wrong, this test was both interesting to better understand the propagation of waves, but especially to validate our work.

||| Some videos of RX-01

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