New RXR boxes

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The word eco-responsible resonates at RXR, so we sat down for 5 minutes and discussed our packaging, what vision do we have of it ?

How to strive to respect nature and the environment as much as possible ?

Very quickly, the word marketing arrives in the discussion: "Yes, but the cardboard when it is printed it always ends up in the trash, and blablabla !".

"Well, let's find a solution so that our packaging can be used for something else ! To share a moment with our friends, simply to be USEFUL !"

From this discussion was born the "RXR Race", a game on the theme of MX printed on the back of our packaging, as we know it on the back of our cereal boxes. A very simple game, where you can play with friends in the back of a truck like in a space shuttle.

This is our definition of eco-responsibility: produce nothing for nothing, ensure that everything has a meaning, a purpose.

And today, sharing a moment of fun with friends after a good riding session means using packaging intended to be put in the trash for a unique moment with friends !


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