Zacchary Pichon Triumphs with AIR2MX Protective Vest

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The enduro world witnessed an extraordinary performance at the last race, with the dazzling victory of talented French rider Zacchary Pichon, proudly wearing the AIR2MX Protective Vest. This innovation, entirely designed and manufactured in France, generated enthusiasm by offering unrivalled protection while preserving exceptional freedom of movement.

The AIR2MX Protective Vest: A French Revolution in Safety

The result of intensive collaboration with leading riders, the AIR2MX Protective Vest is a benchmark in protection. It incorporates protective plates while remaining lightweight and flexible, guaranteeing total freedom of movement. Its Norman design and manufacture also ensure optimum breathability and adjustability, meeting the demands of the most demanding riders.

Zacchary Pichon's dazzling victory

In his first use of the AIR2MX Protective Vest, Zacchary Pichon dominated the enduro race, proving the reliability and effectiveness of this cutting-edge equipment. This undisputed victory underlines the crucial importance of safety and performance in the demanding world of enduro racing.

A French Enduro Revolution

The AIR2MX Protective Vest, developed and manufactured in Normandy, demonstrated its effectiveness during Zacchary Pichon's triumphant victory. This innovation promises to redefine the standards of modern enduro riding with advanced protection and exceptional freedom of movement. The commitment to French quality is clearly visible, supporting domestic industry while guaranteeing rider safety and performance. Expect to see more and more riders adopting this vest to enhance their experience on the track.

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