The first knee brace made of aluminium.

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At RXR Protect, we have chosen to make our brace in 5052 aluminium. Why?

In order to fully understand this choice, it is important to go over the basics of what a knee brace is.

"An orthosis is a device that compensates for an absent or deficient function, assists an articular or muscular structure".

In our case, the primary function of a knee brace is to provide knee support and limit hyper flexion and hyper extension (1). On this point, our orthosis is equipped with a pivot joint, associated with a system of stops (1). This ultra-resistant system proves to be an excellent choice for security.

But why is the frame of our orthosis made of aluminium?

It is by working with many doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists that we have made a simple observation. When the frame of a knee orthosis is made of an alloy that is too rigid, during a fall, a shock (even a slight one), the over-rigidity of the orthosis can cause lesions at its extremities (the case classic is a fracture of the femur or tibia) (3).

It is in this sense that our choice is judicious. By preserving a very resistant pivot mechanism, your knee is protected from hyper flexion / extension and during a shock (even weak), the aluminum frame of our orthosis is able to deform and move in order to avoid injury. severe at the extremities of the orthosis (2).

What may seem like a design weakness in our product is not one. It is a choice, a choice that we assume, that we claim, for your protection.

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