Our Shelter ASA 2.0

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Shelter ASA 2.0

Thanks to our ASA Technology (Air Shock Absorber) -our AIRBAG 2.0 concept- literally bag of air, always inflated and always ready. You'll be able to use the Shelter from your working travel to your riding weekend.

Its large retro-reflecting part in the back makes it ideal for urban use, by day or by night.

A backpack equipped with a level 2 back protection to protect you all year long while riding your bicycle, mountain bike, motorcycle, doing ski or snowboard.

The shelter will protect your back 365/365 days !

Inside the Shelter, the back protection is the same part used for our "Bullet" body protector, an optimum level of safety to protect your back and your spine.

The Airbag 2.0 air bladder is always inflated ! Always ready ! No more triggering failure.

The shelter and its multiple storage spaces, multiple pockets, will allow you to store everything you need to go to the office, but also your essentials for going down the slopes.

Product : https://rxrprotect.com/accueil/42-shelter.html

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