Jo Shimoda & RXR

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Since the 65cc, we accompany Jo Shimoda in his career with a lot of hope.

Wearing good protection is important, and Jo Shimoda made this choice very early on, trusting us.

We have followed him throughout his career as a young rider, from 65cc to his debut in AMA Supercross in 250cc, at Honda Geico.

In June 2020, thanks to Jo Shimoda, RXR Protect climbed for the first time in its history on the podium of the AMA Supercross championship. Jo Shimoda wears the R-Pro under his shirt.

That same year, Jo Shimoda finished 3rd in the championship and 1st rookie of the season.

The journey to reach the highest level is long, requires self-sacrifice and courage. A great and long career imposes choices, and staying well protected throughout it is essential.

Jo Shimoda has always trusted us, and has never stopped wearing the R-Pro during his races and trainings.

Earning the confidence of a professional pilot, through a safety performance, and not through a monetary contract, is a real achievement and a source of great pride for us. We are extremely grateful to Jo Shimoda for his confidence in our products.

April 2021 marks another turning point for the Jo Shimoda and RXR story :

A victory in AMA Supercross, at the SX of Salt Lake City.

We had already won with Dylan Ferrandis in the MXGP world championship, but this victory in AMA Supercross is a new success for us.

This proves that protecting yourself is important, even at a high level, and does not hinder performance.

Unfortunately, since 2022, monetary contracts have taken over trust in security. Jo Shimoda therefore no longer wears our vests, by banning another brand.

Jo Shimoda has fallen several times during races in his 2022 season, and has not recovered from all his falls without physical damages...

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