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  • Team Nukeproof x RXR
    Published : 05/30/2022 - By Clement | Categories : News

    In the continuity of expansion of the Nukeproof brand in France, Hotlines the official distributor of the brand is involved in the competition! The idea is to create a team evolving in EWS.

  • The Family - RXR Protect edit
    Published : 05/23/2022 - By Clement | Categories : News , Riders

    We have chosen to call this first edit "The Family", it aims to highlight the specificity of this unique sport, motocross.

  • Arnaud Aubin in the race for the podium !
    Published : 05/18/2022 - By Clement | Categories : News

    The OB1 Milwaukee Husqvarna team headed east to do two rounds of the French Elite Championship, at Bitche in the sand then on a more traditional route at Villars sous Ecot.

  • Zachary Pichon leader of the World Enduro !
    Published : 05/12/2022 - By Clement | Categories : News

    From motocross to enduro, this year Zachary Pichon is touching the fruit of all his years of work alongside his father Mickael and his grandfather Alain.

  • The new RXR ProShop !
    Published : 05/06/2022 - By Clement | Categories : News

    100% web actor, for more than 5 years now, we have taken advantage of our new premises to create a place in which to welcome you !

  • Jordi Tixier trusts us !
    Published : 04/28/2022 - By Clement | Categories : News , Riders

    When a world champion chooses to protect himself with our solutions, do you think he does it for remuneration or for trust?

  • RXR x Loose Riders
    Published : 04/20/2022 - By Clement | Categories : News

    We are happy to announce our first Co-Branding, which will be available in early May 2022, with the Loose Riders brand.

  • R-Factory
    Published : 04/20/2022 - By Clement | Categories : News

    The transition from 2021 to 2022 marks a turning point for the development of the brand. To attack 2022 and beyond with a multitude of projects for RXR, the R-Factory was born.

  • New RXR boxes
    Published : 04/19/2022 - By Clement | Categories : News

    The word eco-responsible resonates at RXR, so we sat down for 5 minutes and discussed our packaging, what vision do we have of it ?

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