CYB-R - The best guard in the world!

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You know the Bullet, you like a lot our bestseller !

Years of experience and testing with our professional riders, as well as victories in the highests competitions, since 2016 !

Inspired by the new fashion of the Face Lift in industrial design, our teams looked into the following question: How to improve the Bullet?

We have achieved improvements in the following aspects:

-More ventilation.

-Less thickness.

-Even more performance.

This reflection led to the creation of our latest product: the Cyb-R !

A design that is part of the future, a new vision of our brand image and our future in all of our sports.

But also the desire to offer you a high-performance security solution that can be used in all your risky activities !

This high-end protective vest, equipped with our A.S.A * technology (Air Shock Absorber, air cushions always inflated), offers protection up to 5 times more efficient than plastic and / or foam products.

The Cyb-R is made of:

-A thermoformed EVA foam frame for comfort and durability.

-Our ASA air cushion provides the deformation and absorption needed for safety.

-A soft plastic shell distributes shock over the air cushion.

Product page :

This protection offers a curve close to the body, comfortable, extremely flexible, resistant and light.

It is also modular, you can combine it with shoulder and elbow protection, a graphics kit or a Neck Brace.

Our Cyb-R adapts to all riders, to all situations, to motocross, motorcycling, mountain biking or skiing.

Modular thanks to our strap kit, transform your Cyb-R into a back protector, for even wider use!

For 25€ more, we take care of the sticking of your decal kit for a perfect result !

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