ASA (Air Shock Absorber) 3.0 Stay Tuned !

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 The relocation of the manufacturing of our A.S.A (Air Shock Absorber) inflatable systems, opens a new dimension for our technology!

 Directly from our military division, this new development raises our technology to a new level of energy dissipation, making our solution even more protective.What better way to protect than with air? Indeed, this last one! has undergone two major evolutions covered by two patents, the last of which has just been filed. 

After the version 1.0, then the 2.0, the company RXR Protect will market in a few weeks its version 3.0, and this last one is a real revolution for our technology!


How it works :

 We have developed industrial solutions allowing us to weld // inflate our " Air Shock Absorber " cushion with an even more absorbent partitioning system!

 The blocking of the air flow between the different compartments after the welding and inflation of our ultra-resistant polyurethane cushion in the factory, brings to our technology an unprecedented resistance to shocks.Our ASA 3.0 airbags are guaranteed "high security" for 24 months. A label on the product will allow you to follow this period.After these 24 months, and depending on your use, you will just need to order your "ASA 3.0" reconditioning kit in order to keep 100% performance.


Our Objectives :

 The first objective is a performance never reached for our "Air Shock Absorber" solution!

 But also a will to make our technology as accessible as possible, as adaptable as possible, as simple to use as possible and to know that you are always protected at the maximum of our technology's performance.

 This evolution allows our technology to be integrated into other products, such as knee pads, elbow pads, but also helmets and many other projects. But for that we will come back to you very soon!



 To conclude, our 3.0 system will be available in RXR Protect products within a few weeks with the R-PRO "Elite" range.

 The "Elite" ending distinguishes our new Pre-inflated ASA 3.0 solution from our inflatable ASA 2.0 system, which will, of course, always remain on the market!

 "A.S.A 3.0" will be marketed and sold pre-inflated! An unequalled performance, a simplified use.

 This is our revolution "Made In France"!


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