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By : Clement - Categories : RXR Tips

At a time when marketing dominates and withdraws from our thinking, we wanted to talk about the arrival of the explosively triggered airbag in the field of motorcycles.

So when we talk about the airbag on a motorcycle, what is the argument that comes up every time ?

The speed of detection, activation and inflation of the system.

From an outside perspective, we understand the issue and the main argument: triggering.

Data analysis, data acquisition and even artificial intelligence are advanced as arguments for managing the latter.

Then MotoGP is chosen as a showcase for demonstration. Indeed, the explosive airbag in MotoGP is an extraordinary advance, because everything comes together :

  • Clearance to allow time for sliding and deceleration.
  • Few collisions.
  • Equipment close to the body for aerodynamics.
  • Modeling of falls simple because often the same.

We have been working on "airbags" at RXR for 15 years now. We have been manufacturing airbags for 15 years with a patented technology: ASA Technology (Air Shock Absorber). Compartmentalized air bubbles for the management of deformation and shock absorption.

We were the first to validate air as a shock absorber, long before anyone else. But here, the airbag is always inflated to always be ready! And this for many reasons :

  • You can analyze all the data you want, every accident or fall is different. It may be that the solution does not trigger or badly for a classic airbag!
  • An air cushion is not miraculous! Excessive deceleration causes irreversible internal damage, which is why deceleration speed remains the enemy of safety. Overpressure of the inflatable part can be harmful.
  • A technology that must be managed by its user is not reliable in the long term. You are not able to transport or repair / recondition the airbag of your car? This is why it is reliable.

So making a biker believe that the explosive airbag on a motorcycle is the only solution to fight against accidents, seems to me to be a dangerous marketing argument for our practice.

We believe that, on the Dakar, in town, on a motocross field or in an enduro, on-board protection must always be ready!

So in this era where regulations and politics influence our lives, we must remain pragmatic and keep common sense. The sirens of fear or zero risk are utopias, which I hope will remain in the field of motorcycling an objective and not a belief.

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