AIR2MX - Our new protection is Online !

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About our AIR2MX

Discover our AIR2MX specialized protective vest, specially designed for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for optimum protection during their adventures. Precision-manufactured in France, this top-of-the-range protective vest offers exceptional performance and unrivalled reliability. The AIR2MX embodies excellence in safety, whether you're a seasoned motocross rider or just discovering the joys of two-wheeled riding.

The AIR2MX: a high-performance product incorporating the latest 1621-3 and 1621-2 standards, both front and rear in Level 2!

To be considered high-performance protection, a product must also comply with the standards and regulations in force in its field. 

This guarantees safety and compliance with legal requirements. For the AIR2MX, our requirements are for Level 2 performance! 

The AIR2MX is built with high-quality materials and meticulous design to guarantee durability and reliability. Rigorous testing has been carried out to ensure that it meets the most stringent quality standards. Our RXR LAB enables us to put all our products through performance tests before and during production in our Normandy workshop!

AIR2MX is a product that stands out for its features

Our AIR2MX stands out for its advanced features and superior quality compared to similar products on the market. After all, we don't believe in miracles! The use of non-Newtonian foams should make you think twice about falls in hostile environments. At RXR, we don't believe in Santa Claus! Our technology is covered with a polyethylene layer that retains its resistance to deformation.

The AIR2MX incorporates our latest technological advances

Our AIR2MX has the latest advances and innovative features that set it apart from our competitors. Air Shock Absorber 3.0 technology, new manufacturing methods or new design concepts.

AIR2MX responds to our customers' needs for a high-performance product

Our first product entirely developed and manufactured in France! A first for RXR!

A clean, ultra-modern design that breaks away from current protections

Modern, innovative materials such as TPU (thermoplastic elastomers), EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam and polyethylene for its resistance to deformation, thermocompression and high-frequency welding are all part of the recipe for a contemporary, refined look.

Your airbag is always ready and always inflated, with no triggering and no subscription!

The idea of an always-ready, always-inflated airbag raises significant technical and safety challenges. Airbags in modern vehicles are designed to deploy rapidly in the event of an accident. In extreme sports, we can't bring a single triggering problem into the equation. That's why our airbags are always ready to go, without any fragile technology.

A product that has already been on the podium during its development - a first!

A high-performance product is generally designed to optimize performance in competition, and while we've been working on the ergonomics of the product, our riders who've been using it have already been on the podium of the French Elite Championship with! an improved user experience. ease of use.

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