[NEW PRODUCT] RX-01 - The Anti-Trauma Solution!

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After a few years of development RXR Protect presents : RX-01

RX-01 is an anti-trauma solution using ASA 3.0 technology to absorb the maximum shock wave created during a ballistic impact, also known as the "behind armor blunt trauma".

The air of the RX-01 is encapsulated in polyurethane bubbles welded in our workshop. This technique of welding the different bubbles makes our air cushion very resistant to shocks and efficient to fight against rear effects.

Our ASA technology was first used for sports and is now used in other fields such as the military. This confirms that our airbag shock absorption solutions are a powerful solution for body safety.

Discover the RX-01 by following this link:


The technology embedded in the RX-01, named ASA 3.0 is adaptable to different forms and applications, we can help you in your developments, for any questions, please contact us at the following address: info@air-shock-absorber.com

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