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Behind Armour Blunt Trauma Solution (BABT)

| | |   Description

ASA Technology is a multi-compartment airbag, allowing in the event of a ballistic impact, a deformation and absorption of the shock wave. The Airflows come to block during the impact allowing the cushion to harden, in order to fight against the BABT.




| | |   Specifications

Thickness ergonomics

Height = 240 mm

Width = 205 mm

Weight = 260 grs

| | |   Protection performance

Improves the level of protection up to 60%.

| | |   Position options

Assembled on the bullet proof vest.

Assembled on technical tee shirt.

Independent on the body.

| | |   Inflation system

Inflation system with validity indicator.

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

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