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What is the difference between Bullet / Cyb-R, R-Pro and I-Cross ?

What is the difference between Bumper and Predator ?

The Bumper is a shoulder brace, while the Predator is a shoulder pad.

Is the Bumper a constraint for riding ?

The Bumper is a system is developed to avoid shoulder injuries and like any protection system it requires a time of adaptation. Properly fitting your bumper remains an important point to reduce this stress.

Can I wear a neck brace with an RXR Chest protector ?

Yes you can.

Place your neck brace with the chest protector like this :

Can I wear RXR Protect under a garment ?

Yes our products remain relatively thin and therefore are easily worn under your clothes.

Are RXR Protect products guaranteed ?

RXR Protect products are guaranteed 2 years.

Are the RXR Protect products delivered with the pump ?

The RXR Protect products are supplied with the pump, 1 screw kit and user manual.Your chest protector will be delivered to you inflated. All our products spend 8 days in pressure testing in our workshops before being assembled and delivered.

How do inflatable RXR Protect products self adjust ?

The RXR Protect inflatable products are all equipped with our "Easy Pressure" system, a pressure relief valve. As you inflate the air chambers, the air exits through the valve and in a few minutes, the pressure will calibrate itself. You just need to check that your vest is inflated before each use and re-inflate from time to time as needed to ensure a snug fit.

What can affect the air pressure in my RXR Protect ?

The outside temperature or altitude, can increase or decrease the pressure of your vest.

For example, I finish riding and it is 77° F; I put my vest in my vehicle. The next morning, I go to use my chest protector and it is only 50° F out. The air chambers will be slightly deflated due to the lower outside temperature. In this case you must add air with the pump if you will use the vest right away so it will be a close fit to your torso. If on the other hand you use the vest later when the temperature has gotten warmer, it will automatically inflate back to the optimum levels with the warm outside air.

For the above reasons, you must always ensure that your vest is inflated before use.

Are there any precautions specific to RXR Protect products ?

The 2 important precautions, are not to leave the protection in full sun / and / or close to a strong source of heat. Also, make sure the caps are attached to the inflation valve stem and that your pump has no dust inside. If dust is allowed into the pump it will then enter the air chambers and result in slow leaks over time.

Are RXR Protect products fragile ?

Our products are not fragile. They are developed to withstand the demands of the sports targeted and tested by our professional sportsmen. In addition, our inflatable products are different from other traditional protections and require special attention.

Are RXR Protect products adjustable ?

Our products are equipped with adjustments at the level of the shoulders and the lateral straps, in order to adapt to your body as closely as possible. Effective protection must fit snugly to the body during a fall, so always make sure your protector is securely fastened to your torso.

How do I wash my RXR Protect ?

Our products are washable preferably by hand, with warm water and a mild soap but should never be put in the washing machine.

You can also use our eco-cleaner, available here.

My overpressure valve leaks, what should I do ?

Check this video : here.

Can I change my overpressure valve ?

The body of the pressure relief valve is assembled / glued to its black holder, otherwise you can buy the spring, the pad, and the clip in detail in our detached parts section here.

I have a problem with my RXR product what should I do ?

You can send your request at this page : here.

You can also contact us by phone or directly via our on-line chat support on our website to answer all your questions.

Can I buy replacement inflatable parts at retail ?

All parts of our products are available for sale on our website in the spare parts section here. We only guarantee parts that we manufacture.

Where can I find the EU type examination certificate ?

Click here.

How to paste my decal kit ?

Simply clean the areas where decals will be applied with a mild alcohol/water solution. WARNING : If you apply heat, make sure to avoid the inflatable parts.

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