ASA Technology




What is it ?

ASA Technology, the indisputable security element behind our airbag system included in our whole range of chest protectors.

This has several advantages:

  • No trigger system, always inflated.
  • Offers incredible durability.
  • Purchase and maintenance price is cheaper.




The technology you use in your RXR, soon to be used by the military ?

Inflatable solutions, in order to minimize the rear effects ! Placed under the ballistic protection, Air Shock Absorber (RXR Protect patented) technology absorbs the energy and the dynamic cone of energy generated by stopping the bullet. Our solutions are now offered in addition to ballistic vests to the largest operator in the military field.




How does it work ?

The ASA system uses air to dissipate, absorb, and protect.

Ultra resistant, composed of partitions and walls.

During a shock, our bladder deforms to absorb energy.

The walls of the partitions brake the air flows trapped in the labyrinth.

This leads to a gradual hardening of the ASA airbag and offers the best possible absorption.

Once the shock energy is absorbed, the structure of the ASA cushion renews itself, ready for the next impact.

More than a tech




What certainty ?

10 years of R&D in collaboration with many doctors and pro riders.

ASA Technology will protect you in your favorites sports with the efficiency of an airbag, without its constraints.

ASA Technology : international patent !

Airbag technology, the most advanced in the field of body protection is built in to our entire range of chest protectors.

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