airbag 2.0

I-cross has been designed to protect equestrian riders in every situation.

It offers exceptional protection while remaining thin, light and flexible thanks to its high-tech design! I-cross has been design to offer the best protection without hindering the rider's movements.
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You want to customize your vest in the colors of your team, your club, or other?

It is now possible, and OFFERED by RXR Protect !

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airbag 2.0

The R-Pro is our latest development, the ultimate compromise between space and safety.
Advantages :

- No trigger system, always inflated.

- Offers incredible durability.

- Cheaper purchase and maintenance price.
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ASA Technology

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airbag 2.0




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Only the best body protections in the world !

"In Motocross Action magazine‘s opinion, this is the most protective chest protector made. Unlike a hard-shell roost deflector, which only offers a few millimeters of foam padding between a rock and a soft place, the RXR body armour has a cushion of air, an AIRBAG 2.0. A concerned wife, mother, girlfriend, granny or father could rest easy if their loved one wore an RXR. There is no doubt that the airbags absorb more impact than plastic. As an added plus, when the trapped air is compressed, it ramps up its resistance, which makes the RXR active, as opposed to passive protection. When it comes to hitting the ground, nothing absorbs energy better than an airbag (300 million cars can’t be wrong)."

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