#4 Dylan Ferrandis

"I wore the RXR Bullet Chest Protector during my MXGP 2016 season.
In 2017, I join the USA championship, new team, new contract..."

#3 Nicolas Aubin

"I'm in the RXR Protect adventure since the beginning.
I wore all of them chest protectors, from the Strongflex to the Bullet.
Today, I can't feel confident if I don't wear an RXR Chest Protector."

# Rudy Cabirou

"Since 2016 I use RXR Protect's protection.
The Impact Chest Protector thanks to its lightness is the one I love the most."

#47 Jo Shimoda

"I ride with RXR products since 2014.
When I was a young teenager, I wore the Supermini chest protector.
Now I use the Bullet, it's really comfortable and I can wear it under or over my jersey."

#14 Arnaud Aubin

"I have to wear RXR Protect gear
if I want my free coffee with the crew every day...."

# Marine Cabirou

"I wear my RXR Protect Bullet chest protector in every races of the world cup DH.
Following several big crashes, I am convinced that the Air Shock Absorber system
is a much better shock absorber than plastic and foam."

#61 Michael Leib

Michael Leib wore our Impact chest protector in 2015
at the AMA Supercross championship.

# Cédric Gracia

We were protecting Cédric at his last world cup DH season.
And especially at his last race in Andorre.

# Vuillemot Valentin

"I wear my Bullet chest protector under my jersey without any discomfort at each event of the BMX Championship of France.
Protecting yourself is therefore not incompatible with the practice of high-level BMX."

#67 Ashley Fiolek

Ashley used our protections in 2009 during the US championship and on the WMXGP.

# Leo

Leo manufactures RXR Protect's products .
Every weekend he uses them while he rides his motorcycle or his bike.

One day our paths crossed

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