The 2019 news for the Bullet

Last year, we launched our concept of product configurator, it allowed you to create your chest protector in the easiest way possible. It was possible to choose the size of your body armor, Your protection option (add a shoulders and elbows protection or our shoulder brace) and your customizable decal kit.

Today, we have decided to further expand the possibilities of our configurator. We made the decision to propose two new colors of foams for the Bullet chest protector!

3 colors for the Bullet chest protector !

You can now discover our chest protector in black, blue or red. In addition to the three foam colors, we have also added an extra shell color. It is now possible to create a Bullet chest protector with a black or white shell.

100% custom decal kit

With this new choice of colors, all that was left was the possibility of creating a 100% customizable decal kit for your body armor.

100% decal kit for the Bullet