FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and INSTAGRAM Suspended on request from KTM Austria!

We are not used to telling our stories at RXR, but this one in complex. Our Facebook / Instagram account suspended following a request from the KTM group. Explanations!

            Wednesday, June 12 at 10:30, we receive an email from KTM Austria, which we use a KTM logo on a decal kit without authorization. A delay is granted to us in a "friendly" way by email, until Friday, June 14th, 10:00 am, to delete it.

And indeed we use a logo KTM logo without authorization, we also used this same logo for several riders support, on request of KTM, under penalty of not being able to use our protections ... But nothing to say, we make amends and withdraw immediately the logos.

            It spoils this same Wednesday at 11:00 (30 minutes after the email). We are notified by FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM of the suspension of our accounts for a complaint from the KTM Company. Therefore, the friendly side of the previous Email is no longer relevant, our networks are blocked and all our communication is penalized.

RXR being a 100% web company, this action directly impacts the company !!

Not bad the side "cool business in a cool world". READY to RACE goes to READY TO RAZE.

This sneaky and domineering way of blocking a very small French company like ours, shocks us!

In addition, KTM is not irreproachable given the problem with the brand KTM Bike:


So finally, when you have a problem with your KTM motorcycle, be demanding and intractable! KTM has no mood with small companies, know it!

Sorry for this period a little complicated, because of this, we are a little less responsive to answer you.

The Rxr team