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||| Presentation of our TAKOFF shorts

The world's first inflatable shorts

Protective shorts RXR PROTECT, The first protective shorts with built-in inflatable PADs to protect you !

Falls are not uncommon, especially in snow or mountain biking when you are a beginner. To avoid getting hurt on the first run, it is important to be well equipped and to choose padded shorts. No more unpleasant bruises and pains. The short of protection becomes essential for the skiers, the snowboarders, the mountain bikers, but also the bikers, because it is necessary to pass by some beautiful falls beforehand. That's why at Rxr Protect we propose you the TAKOFF, sturdy and comfortable shorts.

The best absorbent protection ever made: you'll forget it exists, but thank it the first time you fall !

Beginners who want to become professionals and discover new tricks can fall with confidence thanks to the RXR TAKOFF shorts, protected by The Air Shock Absorber 3.0 technology. 3 Pads = 1 left + 1 right + 1 removable buttock, the buttock cushion can be removed for the bike and added for your snowboard or ski sessions !

Our patented A.S.A 3.0 technology
allows the shorts to momentarily harden on impact, absorbing and dissipating incoming energy. Thanks to its breathable, quick-drying fabric and "boxer" look, these shorts combine comfort and performance, and can easily fit under your snowboard pants or other layers of equipment.

||| The TAKOFF, a versatile short

The Short TAKOFF RXR is very versatile, you can put on or take off the inflatable protection pads as you wish depending on your sport activity. For snowboarding, you can leave the rear pad on but for your mountain bike ride, remove it and enjoy the chamois leather reinforcement alone! Same for the sides, if you want everything can be put or removed.

The cushions always inflated are guaranteed for 24 months for a defect or an air leak, according to your use and in order to keep a correct level of protection, we advise you to replace them after these 24 months !

||| Main characteristics

• The adjustment to the skin follows the shape of the body, second skin effect

• Breathable, quick-drying, moisture-resistant fabric

• Protection with Air Shock Absorber 3.0 technology impact resistance guaranteed 24 months.

• Ergonomic reinforcements on the hips, coccyx and seat

• Soft and flexible logo elastic waistband reduces irritation


Our latest technological evolution, optimal protection.

The re-localization of the integral manufacture of our ASA systems (Air Shock Absorber 2.0 and 3.0) gives rise to a new mode of production, and opens another dimension for our technology.

It all starts with version 1.0, our most loyal customers still remember it, we had to count the number of pump strokes!

With the ASA 2.0 version, it is the arrival of inflation by Schrader nozzle and the pressure relief valve, facilitating inflation and pressure control. This system is, and will remain, in our range for a while yet.

Here is today version 3.0 of the ASA, and the latter is a real revolution for our technology!

ASA 3.0 is a desire to make our technology as efficient as possible, as adaptable as possible, and as easy to use!

We want our customer to be able to use our air cushion as they would use a foam, but with a much higher level of performance!

The ASA 3.0 will be always inflated! This is our revolution!

This version removes the inflation nozzle, for a completely sealed air cushion, pressurized in the factory, improving its level of safety and durability. Our ASA 3.0 airbags are guaranteed “high security” for 24 months.

Following these 24 months, all you have to do is order your “ASA 3.0 SET” at a price of 59, delivered to your home, in order to recondition your product to regain 100% performance.

Payment 2x, 3x or 4x free of charge

Prices direct from manufacture

Free shipping

Customer service direct 2 rider

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