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To transform your body protector into a back protector.

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About the LOW - COST

The LOW - COST is a special edition of the Bullet which takes advantage of an unbeatable value for money. Indeed this limited series featuring a very simplistic style with a green shell on a blue foam was created to offer you always more protection at the best price.

This protective vest is present on our site in limited quantities, indeed only 50 copies are available for sale.

This protective vest is equipped with our A.S.A* (Air Shock Absorber always inflated air cushions) technology, this offers up to 5 times more protection than plastic and/or foam products.

The LOW - COST is composed of :

-A thermoformed EVA Foam chassis for comfort and durability.

-Our air bladder for deformation and absorption.

-Soft plastic shell to allocate the shock wave on the bladder.

This design provides a close-to-body fit, comfort, flexibility, durability, lightness.

It is also modular, you can combine it with shoulder and elbow protection or a Neck Brace.

The chest protector fits to any rider and any riding situations for motocross, mtb, ski... 

Moreover, for this special edition we offer you a plank of holographic stickers so that you can customize it to your taste!

| | |   Product details

Warranty : 1 year

Shipped with : Pump / User Guide / Spare screws

Automatic pressure adjustment (Easy Pressure system)

M : 1Kg(2.2Lbs)     L : 1.1Kg(2.4Lbs)      XL : 1.2Kg(2.65Lbs)

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| | |   Predator kit details

 600 g 

Package size  : 

49 x 39 x 7 cm 

Weight : 1 kg

Warranty : 2 years

The Predator kit is our vest equipped with E3T foam pads, ideal as a complement to your chest protector or back protector. It has been designed for freedom of movement so as not to hamper the rider !

  • CE approved foam pad
  • Absorbent E3T foam type D3O
  • Adaptable to all morphologies : from 1m30 to 1m90
  • Extremely comfortable : Lightweight, ventilated and easy to put on. 
  • Compatible with : all of our vests and back protector!
  • Usable in : mountain biking, motocross and many other sports ...
  • Warranty 2 years

The predator kit is a first category PPE, which does not protect against falls from a height.

| | |   Bumper details

An orthosis is a device which compensates for an absent or deficient function, assists an articular or muscular structure, stabilizes a body segment during a phase of rehabilitation or rest. It therefore differs from the prosthesis, which replaces a missing element.(Wikipedia)


The Bumper is the latest innovation from RXR Protect : an orthosis designed to support your shoulder following a dislocation


Real shoulder support, fully adjustable composed of a rigid articulated part, a removable attachment for the biceps, and a foam lining: comfortable, ventilated, the Bumper follows movements of your body.


Have you ever suffered a shoulder injury? Front or rear dislocation, hyper extension, tired ligaments, acromion or clavicle fracture ...The Bumper is the ideal tool to support your shoulder, compensate for weaknesses, and allow you an optimal rehabilitation.


It adapts to all body types, men and women, from 1m55 up to 2m ++ by applying the settings indicated in the instructions and the tablets of different thicknesses provided.


Warning: this initial adjustment is very important, both to ensure optimal support and, above all, to ensure good wearing comfort. Once your Bumper is properly adjusted, you should feel firm support, but no discomfort. However, it usually takes a bit of getting used to before you get used to it. We are available without limit to help you properly set up your Bumper.


It is CE class 1 medical device approved.


Delivered assembled, with its adjustment elements (instructions, tablets), and removable bicep attachments.



ASA Technology

30 seconds to understand


ASA Technology

30 seconds to understand

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Payment 2x, 3x or 4x free of charge

Prices direct from manufacture

Free shipping

Customer service direct 2 rider

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