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(1) Inflate the product with the provided pump(2) the air goes out by overpressure valve (3) You Can RIDE ! The pressure adjustment is automatic, (system "Easy Pressure").

IMPORTANT: Read the  instructions in the box / For any questions check our FAQ
The Bullet is our High-end chest protector . Equipped of our Air Shock Absorber technology (Always inflated air bladder) giving up to 5 times more protection than a classic foam+plastic chest protector.
Motocross / Enduro / DH / etc…

EC standard 1621-2 Level 2 / EC standard 14021 / Label FFM (French federation / FIM)

Warranty : 1 year

Compatible Neck Braces except Alpinestar

Technology patented (N° patent 193853)
3 PVC layers of 0.9mm + 0.9mm +0.5mm
IBEAM : 20mm

1 :EVA Foam (éthylène vinyle Acétate) optimum levels of safety and comfort
2 : Bladder ASA (Air Shock Absorber).
3 : Soft Plastic

Front :
Height : M : 24 cm (9.44 in) / L : 29 cm (11.41 in) / XL : 31 cm (12.2 in) / Thickness : 2.2 cm (0.78 in)
Hauteur : M : 37 cm (14.56 in) / L : 48 cm (18.89 in) / XL : 57 cm (22.44 in) / Epaisseur moyenne : 3.5 cm (1.18 in)

Pressure : 10 psi / 0.69 bar / Easy Pressure system for automatic pressure adjustment

M : 1Kg (2.2Lbs)     L : 1.1Kg (2.4Lbs)      XL : 1.2Kg (2.65Lbs)

Shipped with : Pump / User notice / Screw


The Bullet is our latest development. He benefits from 10 years of experience, testing with our professional riders, victories in the biggest competitions.

This high-end protective vest equipped with our A.S.A * technology (Air Shock absorbing Air Shock cushions), offering protection up to 5 times more powerful than plastic and/or foam.

Inflatable parts are integrated into a soft plastic shell for the outside, which allows a shock distribution and an EVA foam inside to finish the work.

Our air cushion inside, provides the absorption and deformation necessary for a performance unequalled to date.

Lightweight and completely flexible, it lets you forget the first test.

Vue des parties gonflables du BUllet Rxr

Who are we?

«" Safety in risk sports is at the heart of the debate! Even though all of the players have not yet realised this, I am convinced that the sustainability of these sports will result in a drastic reduction in accidents and their consequences. To do this, this problem must be taken as a real mission, not guided by markets, marketing, fashion… but rather by an objective analysis of the problem and the expectations of practitioners. This is how our work is constantly evolving: every day we collect feedback from our athletes and our amateur customers to improve our products to make them more efficient, practical, comfortable. We can now simulate everything in the lab or in 3 D, test on humanoid dummies and we do it too, but only the field holds the truth! For example, for almost 10 years, we have been particularly interested in monitoring our professionals, through accident statistics. The return is more than impressive! This is the reward for our work and ethics! It takes not long for our field observations and feedback from our customers to be taken into account, including in our products: my office is in our workshop! We only work on body protection, and we manufacture all our products by hand.

… if you too believe that safety is actually a condition of performance; … if you too argue protection above all; … if you too like to know who designed the equipment that protects you, or protects your loved ones; … if you are too sensitive to Made in France, trust our brand.

Crash test de notre gilet rxr prtoect

ASA Technology, an international patent!

Our compartmentalised air cushion offers the best absorption of shocks on the market! Up to 5 times more protective than the standard.

The air is both an incredible energy absorber, but also very light.


Always inflated (unlike a air bag), it dissipe and absorbs the energy generated by violent shocks by stopping the flow of the air, prisoners in a very solid labyrinth.

To go even further than our normative obligations, we have chosen to test our products on a real test test model, which is equipped with sensors. Result: RXR protects not only much better than the standard, but also better than conventional products (foam and plastic).

The absorption of shocks by decreasing transmitted acceleration is the key to effective protection and performance. The only equation to be resolved is:



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kit deco rxr protect

Le Bullet est compatible Neck Brace