#30 Jo Shimoda

"I ride with RXR products since 2014.
When I was a young teenager, I wore the Supermini chest protector.
Now I use the Bullet, it's really comfortable and I can wear it under or over my jersey."

# Antoine Bizet

#3 Nicolas Aubin

"I'm in the RXR Protect adventure since the beginning.
I wore all of them chest protectors, from the Strongflex to the Bullet.
Today, I can't feel confident if I don't wear an RXR Chest Protector."

#946 Daymond Martens

"I have been using the Bullet for several years for sand racing.
In 2017 I won the Enduropale du Touquet with the Bullet to ensure my protection "

#14 Arnaud Aubin

"I have to wear RXR Protect gear
if I want my free coffee with the crew every day...."

#520 Jimmy Clochet

"I wore all RXR protections from Strongflex to Bullet.
Now, I use the R-Pro under my jersey"

#221 Kevin Ballanger

"I wear the Bullet in every MX & SX competitions"

#26 David Herbreteau

"I have been using RXR Protect for several years,
I first used the Impact then the Bullet and now, the R-Pro "

# Ambroise Hebert

"I have used all of the RXR Protect products since their creation.
I am now using the new R-Pro,
perfectly suited for enduro mountain biking "

# Jules Picod

"The Bullet is my favorite,
I use it both in DH and during my motocross sessions"

@ Jackelfox

Ambassador photographer

#4 Dylan Ferrandis

"I wore the RXR Bullet Chest Protector during my MXGP 2016 season.
In 2017, I join the USA championship, new team, new contract..."

# Marine Cabirou

"I wore my RXR Protect Bullet chest protector in every races of the world cup DH.
Following several big crashes, I am convinced that the Air Shock Absorber system
is a much better shock absorber than plastic and foam."

# Rudy Cabirou

Michael Leib wore our Impact chest protector in 2015
at the AMA Supercross championship.

#61 Michael Leib

Michael Leib utilisait notre gilet Impact en 2015
sur le championnat américain de Supercross.

# Cédric Gracia

We were protecting Cédric at his last world cup DH season. 
And especially at his last race in Andorre.

#67 Ashley Fiolek

Ashley used our protections in 2009 during the US championship and on the WMXGP.

#90 Killian Auberson

"I wear the Bullet since 2018.
The Bullet is an important part of my riding gear
to ensure the safety of my spine"

# Leo

Leo manufactures RXR Protect's products .
Every weekend he uses them while he rides his motorcycle or his bike.

One day our paths crossed

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